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christmas is always home to me

relaxing days
the old school crew
clean melbourne
still interesting
big cafes
main street
open melbourne
aussie dog on the verandah during a bbq
suburb walk
kid park
too many adventures here
every suburb
any day
melbourne field
funned out
green suburb
happy aussie revhead
i take this picture everytime
it still feels like this
shopping centre melbourne style (boxing day)
front yard
suburb paradise
big aussie sky
clearly tourists
party backyard
clean city
not even tokyo yet better than my view
rich suburb
car navi
long sunset
silohetted memories
dazzling afternoons
new year's bbq
last light of 2008
crazy raystorm that is 2009
mind on fire
city art
my favourite alley - centre way
inner city chilling
home away from home - department store window
china town
can't beat degrave st cafes
exceptionally good melbourne taste
can't beat outdoor restaurants
the hot outdoors
now that's a pizza
town hall
great place to chill
the top at last, but not much around
three coffees a day
arty university
greeny university
hideout university
old school coffee hq
here when bored
coffee st
lygon st carlton
terrace house
st kilda market
free time
melbourne beach
colder than it looks
richer than i remember
its here
caught it
i'll be back, always

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